Weekly @ Eato X

Weekly @ Eato X is the weekly format of Kitchen, Studio, & Lab with leading Producers, Chefs, Guests, Students, & Businesses, all content created is shared & uploaded online through our channels and our media partners.

The following are weekly Initiatives & Programmes at Eato X to develop the Eatosystem & Eato Ireland Project.

Eato Ireland Irish County Week

Guests Local & International

EU System Organic Collaboration 

Degrees° Interest°, Tokon°, Eato°, & Green°

Tokonomics Fintech, Digital Assets, & Investments

SDG’s SDG Week & Dedlyne

Eato Ireland

Irish County Week

Each week we showcase an Irish County on the Estate & Digitally e.g. Eato Westmeath, whereby we will promote the Organic Producers, sign up Pre & Organic Farms to the MyCoop Platform, create Recipes with the Produce to promote Healthy Living, Well Being, Environmental Impact and Zero Waste.

Sign up the Communities Locally & Globally to the Counties Interest° to understand the Degree of Interest and Support for the development of Eato in their County.


Local & International

Innovation & Collaboration is at the heart of the Eatosystem, Local and International Guests from the fields of Agricultural, Culinary, Environment, Education, Politics, and Business, will be invited to Innovate and Collaborate in the Estate & Digitally.

Our vision is for a Weekly Guest to travel to the County of the Week to promote the People, Produce, Project, County, & Ireland.

EU System

Organic Collaboration

The EU System supports the creation of a healthier and more sustainable EU Food System & Environment which is the cornerstone of the European Green Deal.

Each week a EU Member State’s Irish Embassy/Ambassador will be presented with the project, with the mission to connect their Country with an Irish County to develop the EU System.



Degree’s of Interest, Impact, & Growth

Degrees° are the value systems that empowers and enables participation in the growth and evolution of the Eatosystem through social capital, digital assets, and token economic models igniting degree’s of impact & organic growth.

Degrees will be highlighted and promoted each week to develop the project such as the Interest°, Tokon°, Eato°, & Green°.


Fintech, Digital Assets, & Investments

Interviews and Meetings with the leading figures Locally and Globally in Fintech, Digital Assets, & Investments. 

Presenting our work at Tokonomics, highlighting the creation of new value systems for communities through social capital, digital assets, and token economic models, all with social impacts.


SDG Week & Dedlyne

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

Each week will be an SDG Week with Companies invited to highlight their Goal/s and to sign up to Dedlyne to determine a simple, comparable date by when the business will achieve their SDG objectives, and ways we can work together to accelerate it.