Welcome to Eatosports, an innovative Esports initiative that empowers children to become change-makers and sustainability advocates. At the heart of Eatosports is our belief in the immense potential of children to shape a brighter future for our planet. Through interactive gaming and creative challenges, Eatosports fosters a deep understanding of sustainability and empowers children to make a positive impact on their local communities and the world by developing the Eatoverse – the Virtual Food System in Minecraft.




Eatosports encourages friendly competition among children from diverse backgrounds through local and national competitions within the Eatoverse virtual world to develop the Sustainable Food System. These competitions celebrate creativity and sustainable practices, rewarding innovative ideas that address real-world challenges. Furthermore, Eatosports unites children globally, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Together, they will co-create the Eatoverse, a visionary model to develop sustainable communities around the world.

Developing Eatosports in Ireland: A Global Visionary in Sustainability

Ireland’s embrace of Eatosports marks a historic moment in the journey towards sustainability leadership. As Eato Ireland launches in 2023, it positions Ireland as a pioneer in sustainability education and a global visionary in the field. By empowering children to develop the Sustainable Food System in all 32 Counties in Ireland and collaborate with communities worldwide, Ireland establishes itself as a driving force in shaping a more sustainable, equitable, and environmentally conscious future.


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Impact on Children: Nurturing Sustainability Leaders

Eatosports sparks a passion for sustainability in children, transforming them into eco-champions and inspiring a sense of responsibility towards the environment. By developing and immersing in Eatoverse, a virtual world of sustainability, children engage with vital concepts such as local food systems, climate action, community ownership, and more. This unique educational experience not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates essential skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving, equipping children to become visionary leaders driving sustainable change.

Ireland: Leading the Charge

Through Eatosports, Ireland becomes a catalyst for global sustainability change. By fostering a generation of environmentally aware and proactive youth, Eato Ireland impacts local communities, inspiring eco-friendly practices and community-driven initiatives. As the Eatoverse gains momentum, Ireland’s leadership will ripple outward, fostering international collaboration and positioning Ireland as a frontrunner in global sustainability efforts.

Together, Let’s Shape a Sustainable Future

With Eatosports, we believe in the collective power of children to transform the world. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, creating a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come. Together, let’s build the Eatoverse and nurture a global movement of young change-makers, driving lasting positive impact on our planet.




Battle for the Planet is not your typical Esports competition. It’s a platform where young gamers, creative thinkers, and sustainability advocates come together to make a difference. Each week, we dive headfirst into exciting gaming challenges and creative endeavors that revolve around sustainability themes. From renewable energy to eco-friendly innovation, every episode is a chance to learn, grow, and take action.

In a ground breaking convergence of virtual innovation and real-world impact, Eatosports proudly announces its inaugural event—the All Ireland Championship. This thrilling competition invites all 32 counties of Ireland to showcase their ingenuity and sustainability prowess as they build their own Eato Hub/Headquarters in Minecraft. Beyond a contest of gaming skills, this championship is a celebration of collaborative creativity, sustainable thinking, and the power of Esports to drive positive change.

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In a symphony of creativity and collaboration, Eatosports takes its next captivating step—the County Championship. As the journey toward sustainable innovation continues, towns within each county are invited to craft their own Eato Farms. This competition isn’t just about virtual prowess; it’s about empowering communities to champion sustainability. With each town vying for the opportunity to represent their county in the All Ireland Championship, the stage is set for a thrilling showcase of ingenuity and community spirit

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In an exciting evolution of its innovative vision, EatoSports is proud to announce the next chapter—the European Championship. This extraordinary competition invites 32 countries across Europe to embark on a journey of creativity, sustainability, and collaboration. As each country crafts their own ingenuity and sustainability prowess as they build their own Eato Hub/Headquarters in Minecraft.

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In a triumphant crescendo of virtual creativity and real-world impact, Eatosports proudly unveils its grandest event yet—the World Cup. This extraordinary competition beckons 64 countries from around the globe to join hands in a symphony of sustainability, innovation, and Esports. With each nation crafting their own ingenuity and sustainability prowess as they build their own Eato Hub/Headquarters in Minecraft.

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In a  world where the power of digital content meets the promise of young, passionate change-makers, something extraordinary is taking shape. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our groundbreaking initiative, where the stars of the online realm, known as YouTubers, join forces with a remarkable group we fondly call the “Guardians of the Globe.”

What is “YouTubers and the Guardians of the Globe”?

This isn’t just another online collaboration; it’s a movement. Here, YouTubers from all corners of the digital universe partner with a special group of young minds—the Guardians of the Globe. These children, armed with curiosity, creativity, and a fierce determination to make the world a better place, are our planet’s future stewards.

Our Shared Mission: Igniting Change Together

At the heart of this initiative lies a shared mission—to ignite change, spark inspiration, and amplify the voices of those who will shape tomorrow. YouTubers, with their unique ability to captivate and educate, offer mentorship, guidance, and a platform for the Guardians of the Globe to share their visions, dreams, and initiatives for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Discover the Magic of Collaboration

Join us on a journey where YouTubers and the Guardians of the Globe explore sustainability, tackle challenges, and create content that goes beyond entertainment. It’s a collaboration that transcends screens and pixels, forging real connections and genuine impact.

Together, We Rise

We’ll embark on thrilling adventures in gaming, creativity, and sustainability.
We’ll celebrate the extraordinary talents and ideas of our Guardians of the Globe.
We’ll explore the world, one virtual adventure at a time.
We’ll inspire change, one story at a time.

In the realm of “YouTubers and the Guardians of the Globe,” everyone has a role to play, and together, we’ll create a legacy of positive change that reverberates across the globe.

Join the Movement

Subscribe, engage, and be part of this transformative journey. Together, we’ll light up the digital universe with the brilliance of collaboration, innovation, and hope.



The Sustainable Food System represents a comprehensive and integrated approach to education, food production, branding, distribution and consumption. With a primary focus on maximizing social and economic benefits for local communities, while minimizing environmental impacts, this transformative system comprises of four key components: Eatosystem, Eato Ireland, Eatoverse, and Eatosports.



Eatosystem is a visionary project that integrates a holistic infrastructure and community of farmers, chefs, individuals, governments, businesses, and schools to develop the Sustainable Food System.



Eato Ireland is the global pilot project of the Sustainable Food System initiative that aims to build a healthy and secure local food system for all through a community and employee owned model in Ireland. 



Eatoverse is where the seeds of creativity and collaboration are sown to harvest the future of our food system, digital worlds are created and come alive in our Virtual Food System transforming the way we grow.



Eatosports is an Esports initiative that empowers children and businesses to become change-makers and sustainability advocates, through builds and battles to develop the Eatoverse.