In the pursuit of a sustainable and nourishing future for all, initiatives like Eato X – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab are lighting the path towards innovation, education, and transformation in the world of food. As Eato X takes the helm as the headquarters of the Sustainable Food System, and with the launch of the visionary Eato Ireland Global Pilot Project, we extend an urgent call to government bodies to rally behind these endeavors and champion a greener, more resilient food future.

We are at a tipping point. Climate change, public health crises, and food insecurity are threatening our planet and our communities. Addressing these complex challenges requires more than just piecemeal solutions—it requires transformative, systemic change. And that’s precisely what Eato X aims to deliver. 

Introducing Eato X

Eato X is not just a project; it’s a mission. A mission to redefine how we produce, consume, and think about food. Based in Dublin, Ireland, and soon to be available online, Eato X serves as the epicenter for a global movement aimed at achieving sustainable food systems. It’s an interdisciplinary powerhouse, bringing together chefs, artists, scientists, and innovators to create real-world solutions to food sustainability challenges.

From its state-of-the-art Kitchen directed by Bech-Bailey, to its boundary-pushing Studio helmed by Shane Sutton, to its data-driven Lab under the guidance of Lara Hanlon, Eato X is a holistic initiative designed to revolutionize our approach to food. And for this revolution to succeed, it needs support at the governmental level.

Why Government Support is Crucial

1. Legislation & Policy
The government has the power to set regulations and policies that can fast-track the adoption of sustainable food practices. This could range from incentivizing local and sustainable farming to mandating reduced food waste across the supply chain.

2. Public Awareness
Government endorsement provides a level of visibility and credibility that is hard to achieve otherwise. Government-led or supported educational campaigns around food sustainability can substantially elevate public awareness.

3. Research & Innovation
Government grants and funding can propel the groundbreaking research conducted in the Eato X Lab, turning novel ideas into scalable solutions.

4. Infrastructure
From transport to energy, the government controls or influences many aspects of the infrastructure that intersects with food production and distribution. Its support can facilitate the large-scale implementation of sustainable systems.

5. Equity
Last but not least, government involvement ensures that the benefits of a sustainable food system reach all sections of society, not just the privileged few.

Eato Ireland: The Global Pilot Project

Eato Ireland serves as the practical embodiment of Eato X’s vision. Through this pilot project, we aim to show that a sustainable food ecosystem is not just a theoretical ideal but a viable, realistic goal. Eato Ireland could serve as a global model for what’s possible, demonstrating the impact of sustainable food practices on public health, the economy, and the environment.

Call to Action

We, the team at Eato X, call upon the Irish Government to extend its support to our initiatives. We are open to collaboration in various forms, be it regulatory support, public-private partnerships, or direct financial backing.

It’s time to look beyond short-term solutions and aim for systemic, sustainable change. Eato X has laid the groundwork for such a transformation, and now we need our government to stand with us, to show that a better future is not just imaginable—it’s attainable.

If we don’t act now, we risk losing more than just the battle against climate change and food insecurity; we risk losing the future itself. Support Eato X, and let Ireland lead the way in pioneering a global food revolution.



The Irish Government holds the power to supercharge our initiative that can reshape our collective future. By rallying behind Eato X – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab, and its ground breaking Global Pilot Project Eato Ireland, the Government can play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable food landscape worldwide.

Here’s why government support is paramount

1. Amplifying Impact

Government backing will amplify the impact of Eato X’s efforts, allowing for the expansion of research, educational programs, and innovative projects. Together, we can drive sustainability across every link in the food chain, from farm to table.

2. Catalyst for National Change

Through the Global Pilot Project Eato Ireland, governments have the opportunity to spotlight their commitment to sustainability and showcase their nation as a leader in responsible food systems. Eato Ireland can serve as a model for other regions to emulate.

3. Fostering Resilience

The challenges of food security, waste reduction, and climate change demand innovative solutions. By supporting Eato X, governments invest in building a more resilient food ecosystem that can withstand future uncertainties.

4. Empowering Communities

Government collaboration can help Eato X reach underserved communities, enabling access to education, training, and resources that empower individuals to make sustainable food choices.

Join the Movement

We urge the government to champion the cause of sustainable food systems by supporting Eato X – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab, and endorsing the Eato Ireland Global Pilot Project. This is a unique opportunity to shape policies, enact change, and foster collaboration for a brighter, greener future.

With government support, we can

  • Drive innovation and research that sparks transformative change.
  • Inspire a new generation of culinary leaders committed to sustainability.
  • Cultivate partnerships that bridge the gap between science, art, and gastronomy.
  • Establish a blueprint for global sustainability through the Eato Ireland Pilot Project.

Make the Commitment Today

Your support can be the turning point in our journey towards a sustainable food future. Join us in our pursuit of a nourished planet and healthier societies. Contact us today to discuss how government collaboration can shape the destiny of our food systems.

Together, let’s nourish the world sustainably and put Ireland at the heart of the solution globally.