The Kitchen is the heart of Eato X and will act as a hub for the development of sustainable food communities. The kitchen will host workshops and events with leading chefs and producers, aimed at developing sustainable food practices that can be implemented worldwide. The kitchen will also act as a platform for the development of new and innovative sustainable food products. 


The Kitchen at Eato X is the beating heart of the project, serving as the central hub for the development of sustainable food communities. The kitchen will play host to a wide range of workshops and events with the leading chefs and producers from around the world. These sessions will focus on developing and promoting sustainable food practices, with the aim of implementing them globally.

Through its cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art equipment, the kitchen will provide a unique space for experimentation and innovation in the development of sustainable food products. The kitchen will serve as a platform for leading chefs and producers to collaborate and experiment with new techniques, ingredients, and recipes that promote sustainability.

The kitchen will also feature a range of sustainable cooking practices and technologies. This includes energy-efficient cooking equipment and waste reduction systems, designed to minimize the environmental impact of food production. Eato X will demonstrate the potential for sustainable cooking to reduce the carbon footprint of food production and distribution, while also promoting healthier eating habits and reducing food waste.


With its emphasis on collaboration the Kitchen will be at the forefront of developing the Sustainable Food System, making it a leading example of how to create a sustainable and equitable food system for the future.

Develop the Eato Ireland – the Global Pilot Project.

Each week showcase an Irish County – their Produce & People.

Partner with local farmers and producers to source ingredients and promote sustainability, the producers, and their communities.

Host unique dining experiences with local food and wine pairings.

Host chef residencies where chefs from around the world come to showcase their cuisine and share their knowledge.

Offer cooking classes and workshops for the general public/members.

Host industry events like food conferences, competitions, and product launches. 

In the Kitchen, our focus is on showcasing the distinct flavours and culinary heritage of Irish counties. Each week, we dive deep into a specific county, such as Eato Kerry, immersing ourselves in the region’s rich food produce and the remarkable people behind it. Our team crafts a tantalizing menu that draws inspiration from the county, offering participants an opportunity to savor the essence of each locality and experience the diverse culinary traditions that make Ireland unique.

But the Kitchen’s impact doesn’t end there. We believe in the power of collaboration and the fusion of culinary expertise. As part of our weekly events, we invite both local and international chefs to join us in crafting an extraordinary experience. These renowned chefs bring their distinct culinary perspectives, expertise, and cultural influences to the table, adding an exciting dimension to our culinary journey. Together, we collaborate to create a remarkable event that celebrates the county’s flavours, fosters cross-cultural exchange, and pushes the boundaries of culinary innovation.



BECH-BAILEY is an exciting new company offering high-end hospitality consultancy and event catering, led by husband-and-wife team; Cornwall-born chef Jordan Bailey, and proud Dane, Majken Bech-Bailey. Having worked in various Michelin-star restaurants across Europe, we developed a deep wealth of knowledge of all things hospitality. We set-up home in Ireland in early 2018 with one objective in-mind, to open a destination restaurant like no other.

In May 2019, AIMSIR was born – The fastest restaurant ever to be awarded 2-Michelin stars in the history of the UK and Republic of Ireland Guide. Needless to say, we used that knowledge we accumulated over the years to very good use, and we are now waiting to share this with you. Whether it be consultation on an existing establishment or one in the making, or curating a memorable and show stopping event, BECH-BAILEY has you covered.

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