Introducing Eato Ireland, a community and employee-owned model that aspires to revolutionize Ireland’s food system. This initiative aims to invest hundreds of millions of euros across Ireland’s 32 counties to create self-sustaining, organic, and regenerative food systems. As a sponsor, you’ll be contributing to a project that has the potential to serve as a global blueprint for community-driven food sustainability.

Our Mission

Eato Ireland is on a mission to transform the food landscape of Ireland into a model of community-driven sustainability. We aim to invest and reinvest hundreds of millions of euros across all 32 counties to establish self-sustaining, organic, and regenerative food systems. Our focus is not just on food production, but on creating a holistic ecosystem that is owned and operated by the community and its employees. Through this approach, we aspire to address food security, environmental sustainability, and social equity, setting a precedent that could inspire similar initiatives globally.

Why Partner with Us?

By partnering with Eato Ireland, you’re not just becoming a sponsor; you’re becoming a catalyst for global change. Your sponsorship will contribute directly to the creation of community-owned food systems that can serve as a blueprint for the rest of the world. You’ll be aligning your organization with a ground breaking initiative that values sustainability, community empowerment, and innovation. Moreover, your involvement will offer you unique visibility and engagement opportunities, positioning you as a leader in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. 


To establish Eato Ireland as the global pilot project for creating a self-sustaining, community and employee-owned local food system.

The sponsorship program will span 3 years, from 2024 to 2027.

Eato X will operate in the 32 Counties throughout Ireland.

Target Sponsors
The program aims to attract a diverse range of sponsors, including Corporations, NGOs, Government Agencies, and Individual Philanthropists.

Sponsorship Tiers

Country Partner: €5,000,000+

Benefits: Naming rights to a country’s food system, logo on all county-specific platforms, monthly updates, quarterly site visits 

County Partner: €2,000,000+

Benefits: Naming rights to a county’s food system, logo on all county-specific platforms, monthly updates, quarterly site visits 

Community Partner: €500,000 – €999,999

Benefits: Logo on Eato Ireland website and county platforms, quarterly updates

Sustainability Partner: €250,000 – €499,999

Benefits: Name listed on Eato Ireland website, bi-annual updates

Friend of Eato Ireland: €100,000 – €249,999

Benefits: Name listed on Eato Ireland website, annual updates

Core Components of Eato Ireland

Community Ownership – Establishing community and employee-owned food systems
Organic Farming – Investment in organic farming techniques and education
Regenerative Agriculture – Promoting soil health and biodiversity
Local Distribution – Creating efficient and low-impact distribution networks
Education and Training – Community workshops, seminars, and training programs

Sponsorship Allocation

Community Ownership: 30%
Organic Farming: 25%
Regenerative Agriculture: 20%
Local Distribution: 15%
Education and Training: 10%

Milestones and Reporting

Quarterly reports will be sent to all sponsors.
An annual review meeting will be held with Global and Innovation Partners.
A public annual report will be published, detailing achievements and financials.

Legal and Compliance

All sponsors must adhere to ethical guidelines and compliance standards set forth by Eato X and relevant governing bodies.

Application Process

Expression of Interest: Potential sponsors can express their interest by filling out a form on the Eato X website or by contacting the sponsorship coordinator directly.
Review: Eato X will review the application and schedule a meeting to discuss potential sponsorship.
Agreement: A formal agreement will be signed once both parties are aligned on the terms of the sponsorship.

Contact Information

Sponsorship Coordinator: [Name]
Email: [Email]
Phone: [Phone Number]