Welcome to the Eato X Sponsorship Program—a unique collaboration space where business interests and societal change come together to redefine the future of food sustainability. Eato X is more than a think tank, a kitchen, or a lab; it’s a revolution aimed at reshaping the global food system, and we invite you to be a part of it. 

Our Mission

At Eato X, we believe that the biggest challenges facing our planet—climate change, health crises, and food inequality—intersect at the crossroads of the food system. Located in Dublin and soon to be online, Eato X serves as the global pilot for a new model of food sustainability, harnessing cutting-edge technology, interdisciplinary research, and community engagement. From sustainable cooking practices and innovative food technologies to human-centered research, we are working to create a world where the food system is ethical, equitable, and truly sustainable.

Why Partner with Us?

By becoming a sponsor, you’re not just attaching your name to a project—you’re investing in a vision for the future. Our partners enjoy benefits that range from brand visibility among a highly engaged, global audience to first-hand access to ground breaking research and technologies. Most importantly, you will be making a quantifiable impact on some of the most pressing issues of our time.

The primary objective of this sponsorship program is to establish Eato X as the global hub for innovation, research, and philanthropy in the sustainable food system sector.

The sponsorship program will span 3 years, from 2024 to 2027.

Eato X will operate both online and have a physical location in Dublin, Ireland.

Target Sponsors
The program aims to attract a diverse range of sponsors, including Corporations, NGOs, Government Agencies, and Individual Philanthropists.

Sponsorship Tiers

Global Partner (€1,000,000+)

Naming rights to labs or studios
Logo prominently displayed on all Eato X platforms
Monthly updates on project progress
Bi-annual site visits to Eato X facilities

Innovation Partner (€500,000 – €999,999)

Naming rights to specific research projects
Logo displayed on select Eato X platforms
Quarterly updates on project progress
Annual site visit to Eato X facilities

Sustainability Partner (€250,000 – €499,999)

Logo displayed on Eato X website and research publications
Quarterly updates on project progress

Community Partner (€100,000 – €249,999)

Name listed on Eato X website
Bi-annual updates on project progress

Friend of Eato X (€50,000 – €99,999)

Name listed on Eato X website
Annual updates on project progress

Core Components of Eato X

A space dedicated to the development of sustainable food products and recipes.

A creative space for content creation aimed at educational and promotional purposes.

Focused on cutting-edge research to develop sustainable food systems.

Eato Ireland 
This serves as the pilot project for global sustainable food systems.

Philanthropy Hub
A dedicated space for fundraising activities aimed at supporting global projects.

Sponsorship Allocation

Lab: 15%
Kitchen: 15%
Studio: 15%

Eato Ireland: 45%
Philanthropy Hub: 10%

Milestones and Reporting

Quarterly reports will be sent to all sponsors.
An annual review meeting will be held with Global and Innovation Partners.
A public annual report will be published, detailing achievements and financials.

Legal and Compliance

All sponsors must adhere to ethical guidelines and compliance standards set forth by Eato X and relevant governing bodies.

Application Process

Expression of Interest: Potential sponsors can express their interest by filling out a form on the Eato X website or by contacting the sponsorship coordinator directly.
Review: Eato X will review the application and schedule a meeting to discuss potential sponsorship.
Agreement: A formal agreement will be signed once both parties are aligned on the terms of the sponsorship.

Contact Information

Sponsorship Coordinator: [Name]
Email: [Email]
Phone: [Phone Number]