Welcome to Eatoverse, where the virtual world meets real-world sustainability. This digital platform serves as a breeding ground for innovative ideas, bringing together visionary farmers, chefs, schools, governments, and businesses. Your sponsorship will help transform these virtual concepts into tangible solutions, making you a key player in the future of sustainable food systems. 

Our Mission

Eatoverse is committed to pioneering a new frontier where digital innovation and sustainability converge. Our virtual platform serves as an incubator for ground breaking ideas, uniting a diverse array of stakeholders—from visionary farmers and innovative chefs to progressive schools and forward-thinking governments. By creating digital worlds that come alive with creativity and collaboration, we aim to harvest the future of sustainable food systems. Our mission is to transform these virtual seeds of innovation into real-world solutions that can be implemented globally.

Why Partner with Us?

Becoming a sponsor of Eatoverse offers you a unique opportunity to be at the cutting edge of sustainability and technology. Your sponsorship will not only help bring virtual innovations to life but also position you as a leader in leveraging digital platforms for real-world change. You’ll be part of a community that’s shaping the future of food systems, gaining visibility and engagement opportunities that align with forward-thinking corporate values. In a world where digital transformation is inevitable, your partnership with Eatoverse signifies a commitment to using technology as a force for good.


The sponsorship program will span 3 years, from 2024 to 2027.

Eatoverse – Online Platform

Target Sponsors
The program aims to attract a diverse range of sponsors, including Corporations, NGOs, Government Agencies, and Individual Philanthropists.

Sponsorship Tiers

Metaverse Partner: €1,000,000+

Benefits: Naming rights to virtual worlds or sectors, logo on all Eatoverse platforms, monthly updates, exclusive virtual events

Innovation Partner: 500,000 – €999,999

Benefits: Naming rights to specific virtual initiatives, logo on select Eatoverse platforms, quarterly updates, bi-annual virtual events

Sustainability Partner: 250,000 – €499,999

Benefits: Logo on Eatoverse website and in virtual worlds, quarterly updates

Community Partner: €100,000 – 249,999

Benefits: Name listed on Eatoverse website, bi-annual updates

Friend of Eatoverse: €50,000 – €99,999

Benefits: Name listed on Eatoverse website, annual updates

Core Components of Eatoverse

Virtual Eato County – Digital simulations of the Sustainable Food System of the Eato County
Virtual Farms – Digital simulations of local sustainable farms
Virtual Schools – Educational platforms for sustainability and food systems
Virtual Governance – Simulating policies and governance for sustainable food systems
Virtual Marketplaces – Spaces for conscious businesses to showcase sustainable products

Sponsorship Allocation

Virtual County: 30%
Virtual Farms: 25%
Virtual Schools: 25%
Virtual Governance: 10%
Virtual Marketplaces: 10%

Milestones and Reporting

Quarterly reports to all sponsors
Annual review meeting with Metaverse and Innovation Partners via virtual or real-world meetings
Public annual report detailing achievements and financials

Legal and Compliance

All sponsors must adhere to ethical guidelines and compliance standards set forth by Eato X and relevant governing bodies.

Application Process

Expression of Interest: Potential sponsors can express their interest by filling out a form on the Eato X website or by contacting the sponsorship coordinator directly.
Review: Eato X will review the application and schedule a meeting to discuss potential sponsorship.
Agreement: A formal agreement will be signed once both parties are aligned on the terms of the sponsorship.

Contact Information

Sponsorship Coordinator: [Name]
Email: [Email]
Phone: [Phone Number]