TEN X – Workshops, Guests, & Events, is the weekly initiative within Eato X that embodies the spirit of rapid acceleration, growth, and development in the realm of the sustainable food system. At Eato X, we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Through the program, each week we create a dynamic cycle of workshops, invite esteemed guests to collaborate, and culminate with engaging events, all designed to foster impactful change and sustainable growth over 10 week chapters.


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In the Kitchen, our focus is on showcasing the distinct flavours and culinary heritage of Irish counties. Each week, we dive deep into a specific county, such as Eato Kerry, immersing ourselves in the region’s rich food produce and the remarkable people behind it. Our team crafts a tantalizing menu that draws inspiration from the county, offering participants an opportunity to savor the essence of each locality and experience the diverse culinary traditions that make Ireland unique.

But the Kitchen’s impact doesn’t end there. We believe in the power of collaboration and the fusion of culinary expertise. As part of our weekly events, we invite both local and international chefs to join us in crafting an extraordinary experience. These renowned chefs bring their distinct culinary perspectives, expertise, and cultural influences to the table, adding an exciting dimension to our culinary journey. Together, we collaborate to create a remarkable event that celebrates the county’s flavours, fosters cross-cultural exchange, and pushes the boundaries of culinary innovation.

In the Studio, our focus lies in developing the virtual food system known as the Eatoverse, with a particular emphasis on showcasing a specific Irish county each week. For instance, let’s take the example of Eato Kerry. In the Studio, we delve deep into the rich tapestry of Kerry’s culinary landscape. Through the use of digital platforms, artistic expressions, and immersive experiences, we craft a virtual representation that encapsulates the county’s food produce, people, and cultural heritage. The Eatoverse becomes an enticing portal, inviting participants to explore, engage, and connect with the vibrant culinary world of Kerry, even from afar.

Within the Studio, collaboration is key to unlocking new dimensions of creativity. To infuse our virtual journey with diverse perspectives and cultural influences, we invite artists, creatives, and guests from both local and international backgrounds. These collaborations enrich our creative process, resulting in a vivid and immersive experience that transcends boundaries and celebrates the global tapestry of culinary arts. Together, we harness technology and creativity to bring the Eatoverse of Kerry to life, capturing its essence and inspiring participants to embark on a virtual culinary adventure.

The Lab takes on the crucial role of developing the Eatosystem, a comprehensive framework that advances the sustainable food system. Each week, we delve into a different element of the system, such as Elivery РDistribution & Renewable Energy. Through innovation and continuous improvement, the Lab team explores efficient distribution methods and renewable energy solutions that can revolutionize the food industry. Through research, experimentation, and collaboration with experts and thought leaders, we aim to accelerate the development of sustainable practices and create meaningful impact. 

The Lab’s efforts extend beyond internal collaboration. We actively seek engagement from local and international guests, including leading innovators and educators. By inviting these influential figures to participate in workshops and events, we foster a global dialogue on sustainable food systems. Their contributions provide fresh insights, cutting-edge ideas, and diverse perspectives, propelling the Lab’s efforts toward transformative solutions. Together, we strive to develop an Eatosystem that harmonizes sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, creating a blueprint for a resilient and thriving food system.